Stoły do kuchni

You're spending your life at a table, choose one of high quality.



The kitchen table - a piece of furniture with a soul

Modern kitchen tables are expected not to take up too much space, while having many functions at the same time. These are to be kitchen command centers, because the kitchen itself begins with a table. It is sitting at it that we look for recipes, and discuss the roles of the respective household members in the process. The table serves us to make gingerbread, or leave the lunch for children leaving for school. It is at the table, and mugs with steaming cocoa or chocolate, that conversations may drag well into the night. Such things can only happen at a wooden kitchen table, because it is a piece of furniture with a soul - for years. It will witness recipes passed down from generation to generation, survive many pie making processes and cookie forming, and will be the silent witness of a spontaneous confession during morning coffee.

Compact wooden tables for the kitchen

Modern kitchen tables are usually smaller than dining tables and do not need to be equipped with an extension system. In small apartments or in those without a dining room, it is in the kitchen that there is a table around which the family life revolves. In homes where there is much more space, wooden kitchen tables are usually used as auxiliary furniture. With such an additional kitchen table, we can sit down and eat a quick breakfast before going to work, or it can also be used as a table top for preparing meals.

Cleaning a table

When making use of a modern kitchen table, the surface of which is finished with oil-wax, it will require daily care, just like all natural wood surfaces. Just anything can happen on a wooden kitchen table. No wonder that signs of use will appear on the tabletop after preparing or consuming meals. It is worth knowing that surfaces that are coated with oil-wax have antistatic properties, so cleaning them is seamless.
It happens, however, that the table becomes dirty in a different way. Various types of liquids can be poured onto the table top. We should not worry about this as these are surfaces that are resistant to it. At least for some time, of course. The point is not to immediately wipe off whatever spills out. We can easily finish our meal, and then use a clean cloth to collect what was left on the table, taking care not to scratch the surface. Only after that - preferably with a damp cloth - we should wipe the surface to make it clean. The next step is to simply wipe it dry. Therewith, the process of cleaning a modern kitchen table is complete. You can find more about cleaning, care and maintenance of MILONI tables on our blog.

Modern kitchen tables with no secrets

Wooden kitchen tables constitute an extensive category of furniture, so it is important to think carefully about everything before ordering a table, and to understand the purpose of the furniture. This will help you choose the right model and adjust its dimensions to all needs. Modern kitchen tables can be both extendable and non-extendable. If the kitchen table is to be the only table in the house, it is worth considering ordering it in an extendable version. It is further important to consider the way the selected table extends. One should read advance about all the systems applied in the MILONI tables. All information on this subject can be found in the Extendable tables tab.

Place for the table

An extended table must not excessively restrict mobility in the kitchen. A wooden kitchen table, even extended, should allow users access to all cabinets, sink, stove and refrigerator. If its shorter side touches the wall, it is best that the table top does not extend on two sides, but on one side only - as in the BLOX and LOFT models, which are among the most modern kitchen tables. However, it also happens that the it is the long side of the table that contacts the wall. In this case one might consider buying a table that is narrower than a standard one. As there are no seats on the other side of the table top, a narrower kitchen table will still be functional, while occupying much less space. In catalog sizes, the smallest MILONI table is 80 cm wide (or 90 cm in the case of extendable tables). If such a piece of furniture is placed against a wall, it can be up to 70 cm wide and will still be comfortable to use.

At the kitchen table

It is of crucial importance for space-saving that chairs can be hidden under a modern kitchen table. That is why particular attention should be paid not only to the selection of the table, but also chairs that match it. Armchairs and massive chairs will certainly not work with kitchen tables, while stools and benches stylistically matched to the table will work well. For example, a table and stools or a bench from the BLOX series will perfectly harmonize with each other. Such non-standard MILONI products can be viewed in the Custom Furniture and Custom Chairs tabs.

Wooden kitchen tables - the perfect choice

All MILONI tables presented in the kitchen Tables tab will be a perfect match for this type of space. AVANGARDE model will be the best choice as a kitchen table, when you search for a classic form. It is a piece of furniture in which the thin legs placed on the edge of the table top allow you to hide the largest possible number of chairs under it. OX model will be the best candidate, especially for non-rectangular kitchens, when you search for modern design. This non-extendable round table with an interesting and delicate form can be ordered in various sizes.

Tables tailored to your needs

Whenever a modern kitchen table is required with dimensions other than the catalog ones, it is worth sending a quotation request for a custom-made table via the MILONI website. We are able to adapt wooden kitchen tables to your needs.