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An integral element of a domestic space is a dresser. This piece of furniture makes it possible to store conveniently any necessary things, and, at the same time, it highlights the style of the room. A dresser may serve various functions and contain different items. This way, it fits in virtually any room – in a living room, dining room, guest room, or bedroom. In order to meet the individual needs of our Clients, we make customized dressers.



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You have your own idea for a dresser of your dreams? We can make it for you! Describe your design and send us the drawings. Click the button below, in order to open the wizard.



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There are many ways of modifying MILONI wooden dressers. Their color can be adapted to other furniture, so that they look as a part of a single, well thought-out whole. The dimensions of a customized dresser may also be slightly changed to make it more proportional in relation to the table, or other elements in the room.

Our customized wooden dressers may differ from the catalog ones not only on the outside – "what's most important is hidden from the eyes". We assume that each piece of furniture should be beautiful, and, at the same time, safe and convenient to use. Therefore, a customized dresser may have a different number and size of particular elements – such as the drawers, shelves, doors, and internal drawers – according to the Client's wishes. Each time we send drawings of non -standard furniture to our Clients for their approval. This way, not only the form, but also the function of a customized dresser may be perfectly adapted to the future owner.

It should be emphasized that, regardless of the dimensions and the structure, the front sides of a customized MILONI dresser are always made of planks, the length of which matches the length of the whole furniture piece. Such a solution is difficult to implement, but makes it possible to obtain a beautiful and coherent oak pattern on the whole surface of the front sides. Not even the division into doors, or drawers disturb the harmony resulting from the natural lines of wood rings.

A customized dresser is a piece of furniture worth exposing. It is good to think through, where and how it is to be positioned. Matching a dresser to a table is particularly important, when they share a common space in the dining room. These furniture pieces usually are quite large, and should not compete against each other, but fit harmoniously. If a customized dresser is to stand in a living room, it is good to make sure that other furniture in this room fit it. The best addition to MILONI drawers are MILONI's TV cabinets and customized coffee tables. They also can be modified and customized. Additionally, if a customized dresser is to face a wall finished with a floor-side strip, it is worth ordering it with recessed legs – in this way, it can touch the wall with no problems.