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The primary job of a TV cabinet is to make it easier for the household members to use a TV set and audio equipment. Additionally, it can be a stylish addition to the living room. A TV cabinet is increasingly more common in an open space connected to the dining room, therefore it is worth making sure that it does not deviate significantly in its visual appearance from any table or dresser located nearby.

The customers' expectations regarding TV cabinets are very different. Oftentimes, finding a ready - made model meeting all the practical and aesthetic requirements of their users is virtually impossible. However, here at MILONI, we are able to meet complex requirements of our customers, by creating customized TV cabinets.


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You have your own idea for a TV cabinet of your dreams? We can make it for you! Describe your design and send us the drawings. Click the button below, in order to open the wizard.



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A TV cabinet is, in principle, intended to store any audio and video equipment, and therefore it must be designed so that it serves its function best. Not only the form of a piece of furniture, but also the space around it needs to be planned. Below, we present several pieces of advice concerning what is worth noting when determining the final shape of a customized TV cabinet.

First of all -- it is important to know what equipment is to be placed in the cabinet: an amplifier, a tuner, a decoder, a record player, or perhaps something else? Each device has slightly different dimensions, and it is worth knowing them before approving the final form of the TV cabinet. It must be also remembered that electronic devices often require good air circulation for cooling the internal sub-assemblies, therefore, the free space above the devices should be at least few centimeters tall.

An important issue is also what equipment will be standing on the top of the TV cabinet. The role of the top determines the height of the furniture piece. For example, a customized TV cabinet on which a TV set will be standing should be lower than a customized TV cabinet on which a record player will be standing (this means that the user should be able to change a vinyl record, while keeping a comfortable, upright posture).

Then it's worth thinking about what type of items are stored in the drawers or behind the doors of the TV cabinet. Usually, music records, or CDs, camcorders, photographic cameras, and chargers are kept there. The awareness of what must be at hand, just beside the primary radio and TV equipment, will make it possible to optimally plan the space hidden behind the front panels.

All the elements of any Hi-Fi set, and any television equipment require connections – both power lines, and signal lines between the devices. The configuration of those connections should be thought through before the customized cabinet is made. Otherwise, it may turn out that not all the cables can be connected without interfering in the structure of the competed furniture piece. Here at MILONI, we will provide you with professional advice as to where it is best to place cable openings. If necessary, we can place cable penetrations in the back, between the walls, and even in the top of a customized TV cabinet. We can also move the rear wall of a TV cabinet to the back or make a partial rear wall, leaving the external sides in their full width. This way, a free space will be created between the interior of the TV cabinet and the wall. This space will easily accommodate any cable connections, but the cabinet may be pushed adjacent to the wall itself.  

If the TV cabinet is to stand adjacent to a wall, it is good to make the rear legs slightly recessed, so that they don't interfere with the floor-side strip. 

In the end, it is worth ensuring that the customized TV cabinet, both in terms of its dimensions and its settings, is adapted to the existing power supply sockets.

A customized cabinet is a piece of furniture that can be modified in many ways. If you have your own concept for a perfect TV cabinet, describe it to us, using the wizard on this website. Check also which of MILONI's customized coffee tables and dressers will match your piece of furniture best. If you have your own idea also for these furniture pieces, we can make them for you as customized products.