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A desk - your command center.

Wooden desks

Wooden desks are furniture, which obviously had to be included in MILONI's offer. A single piece of furniture may determine the center point of a workplace or learning zone, and, at the same time, determine the character of the space. This piece of furniture is a desk, and the time wee spend at it keeps getting longer. An increasing emphasis on the comfort of both office work and teleworking requires engaging special spaces. The increasing popularity of the home office system makes the choice of the right desk model extremely important. It is good to choose a wooden desks, which is ergonomic, and, at the same time, beautiful and unique. At the same time, it should be kept in mind that there are no two identical oak desks – each of them is unique, and experiencing the beauty of natural wood promotes work comfort.

Modern desks

The modern wooden desks from MILONI have been designed to include all the latest trends associated with ergonomic work and studying. The desks offered by MILONI include such solutions as convenient drawers that close noiselessly, which help organize your work, and make it possible to keep order on the desk's top. In open office spaces, an integral element of a modern desk's equipment are acoustic panels, which make it possible to separate from the rest of the space, and which promote the sense of intimacy. In the technically most advanced modern desks from MILONI, such solutions have been applied as electrical lifting systems which memorize the preferred heights of the top, or power kits with USB ports and cable organizers under the desk. A "command center "equipped this way helps not only to work comfortably, but also promotes our health, making it possible to change the position from sitting to standing and vice-versa immediately.