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Polish craft

We are a family company, we design
and manufacture our furniture in Poland.  

100% wood

We make furniture from top quality
oak wood from Polish woods.  

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We implement orders for furniture from our offer,  and we work on order.


Modern tables for modern interiors

Modern wooden tables are MILONI's most characteristic products. Each table is made from oak wood, finished with natural oil wax, in one of six colors: Off White, Pure, Natural, Tobacco, Cacao, or Nutty. In most MILONI tables, the tabletops are supported on oak legs, only some designer tables have metal legs.

An all-modern table

The table determines the center point of a home, and has a decisive impact on the room's character. The amount of time spent at a table makes the choice of the right model extremely important. It is best to choose a modern wooden table, which is practical, and, at the same time, beautiful and unique. It is necessary to have in mind that there are no two identical modern tables, but also that each MILONI table is like a piece of nature wrapped in an esthetic and functional form.

Here and now – a modern wooden table

All the modern tables from MILONI have been manufactured using the state of the art processes. Thanks to the three-layer oak wood gluing, the structure of the top is durable and stable. Here at MILONI, the planks of the tabletops are never combined lengthwise, and this means each modern table has the naturally beautiful patterns of wood rings visible on it.

A designer table for a room with a soul

Looking at the composition of MILONI's offer, various modern tables can be found: rectangular and round ones, large and small ones, extending and not extending ones. All these tables, except for such models as FLY, OX, and WILD, are available in the extending version. In this version, a table top may be extended, so that, when necessary, more persons can seat at the table. At MILONI, you can also order modern extendable tables with an undivided table-top. This type of tables, when folded, subtly hides its additional function, thus it looks very aesthetically, and brings harmony into the room. The modern character of the tables is, to a large extent, a result of the already mentioned innovative three-layer tabletop gluing process. The application of extension systems which help the user extend a modern wooden table is equally important. This is possible thanks to a broader and broader offer of extending tables with a Butterfly type insert. The insert hidden under the table is folded in half, and, thanks to its rotating axle, its comfortable handle, and its insert guiding system, extending requires no effort., and only one hand.

Modern wooden tables – inimitable

Our modern wooden tables are exceptional because they are unique. Each one of them has a slightly different shade and pattern – just like the wood they are made of. We believe that MILONI's modern tables are furniture created in harmony with the nature, therefore, we finish them not with lacquers, but with environmentally friendly oil waxes.
Many steel fittings and systems used in our modern tables have been designed and made only for the needs of specific table models. With modern laser cutting processes, the implementation of innovative solutions is relatively simple, repeatable, and very precise. Most elements of the fittings dedicated to MILONI's products are made of stainless steel, subjected to a special surface- - abrasive treatment, ensuring a high aesthetic value and exceptional durability.

Tons of awards for designer wooden tables

MILONI's modern wooden tables have won prestigious awards in different competitions. A few years ago, the modern FRAME table won in the renowned "Diament Meblarstwa 2014" competition. Two years later, the chapter decided that the modern table LOFT fully deserved "Diament Meblarstwa 2016". Moreover, the LOFT table qualified to the finale of the "Dobry Wzór 2016" competition.

Modern wooden table – awaited and desired

It should be remembered that, apart from the tables from our catalog offer, we also make customized tables. We are convinced that this perfect, first discovered, then chosen, modern table may be MILONI's product. We are waiting for you and your choice.