The MILONI furniture are made of natural wood, which requires periodical cleaning and care.  

Wooden furniture should be cleaned on a regular basis from dust and fouling. For this purpose, it is preferable to use a soft damp cloth. At the end, it is worth wiping a wooden tabletop with a dry cloth.

Every few weeks, perform maintenance of wooden tabletops. For this type of treatments, we recommend our in-house Care Kit – it contains an agent, which cleans and preserves the outer layer of wood. Using it systematically increases the durability of the tops, and their resistance to penetrating liquids and dirtying.

In order to learn more about caring for and cleaning wooden furniture, visit our blog.

Care Kit
The Care Kit includes:
- 200 ml of agent for cleaning and caring for wooden surfaces finished with oil waxes,
- cotton wipes for applying the agent,
- caring agent application manual.


Wooden furniture maintenance consists in supplementing the upper layer of oil wax. This procedure must be performed minimum once every six months.

Wooden furniture must be renewed when the wood of the tabletop has been mechanically damaged, or when the top layer of oil wax has been significantly erased. The renovation procedure must be performed promptly after detecting the damage or when, in spite of any cleaning and caring actions, visible discoloration persists on the surface of the wood.

The preparations from our Renovation Kit should be used both for any maintenance and renovation.
CAUTION: When renovating, use exactly the same oil waxes originally used to finish the furniture. After clicking "Buy the Kit", select the color for your piece of furniture, and we will supplement the Renovation Kit ordered with the respective oil waxes.

More information about wooden furniture maintenance and renovation can be found in MILONI's warranty card, and in our blog.

Renovation Kitstrong>
The Renovation Kit includes:
- 200 ml of oil wax in selected color,
- 200 ml of hard wax oil,
- cotton wipes for applying the preparations,
- rubber gloves to improve the work comfort and safety,
- 2 pieces of P120 abrasive paper,
- 2 peaces of P400 - P600 abrasive paper,
- preparation application manual,
- MILONI wooden tabletops renovation manual.