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Coffee table – invite it to the high circles.  

Modern wooden small tables are furniture, which work perfectly as coffee tables in a living room or auxiliary furniture in a kitchen or in a lobby.

Our wooden modern small tables are part of MILONI's larger furniture collection, which, among others, includes TV cabinets and dressers. All MILONI's wooden tables have also full-sized versions, which are perfect as dining room tables..

MILONI's wooden tables have been classified into two categories. One includes small tables with a square or rectangular top (Rectangular, wooden coffee tables), the other with a top in the shape of a circle or oval (Round wooden coffee tables).).

We assume that the wooden tables are furniture, which are supposed to meet the needs of their future owners. Therefore, we make it possible for our Clients to influence the form of our furniture – all MILONI's designer small tables can be commissioned with dimensions and colors not from the catalog offer.  

We can also implement your original idea for a coffee table. Send us an inquiry in this regard, using the wizard in the Customized wooden coffee tables tab, and our team will surely get in touch with you.

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