About us


Creating well designed and made furniture is our passion. When building the MILONI brand, we knew from the beginning what will be its characteristic feature: natural wood and top quality. These are our priorities. We believe that the furniture are not only supposed to look well, but, above all, to serve their owners well. For this reason, we care for every detail in the production process. To make our furniture, we use the best components, ensuring durable finished products. All this so that they can serve you and your family over many years.

When we design, we do not look for compromises. We put emphasis on interesting industrial design, where we boldly combine forms and materials. We create new projects with passion, and we continuously expand the offer. We do not restrict ourselves only to our own concepts, we are open to new ideas – your ideas. We will be pleased to ensure that your dreams of a perfect furniture become true.


Here at MILONI, we believe that there is no raw material for furniture more noble than true wood from the heart of a forest. Each of our products is a carefully developed piece of nature. When creating modern furniture, we always try to expose the natural beauty of wood.

Oak is one of the most valuable species of deciduous trees in Poland. Oaks are long-living trees, and the wood acquired from them is hard and resistant to abrasion. Oak timber is characterized by a beautiful pattern with deep, apparent pores. As a result of coloring, the structure of oak wood does not lose its nature – it remains darker in its pores, and is slightly brighter on the surface. These features make oak a highly valued raw material in the furniture industry.

Oak wood is divided into heartwood and sapwood. Because of a lower mechanical resistance of oak sapwood, only the hardwood is used for the production of MILONI's furniture. The rigorous quality selection of the material guarantees that only the exceptional part of the raw material obtained from a forest is used for the final products. Thanks to that, we are certain that we provide you with the best stuff.  


We have a modern machinery park, thanks to which we control the whole treatment process of wood. We care for the quality at every stage of the production process, from a log bought in a forest, to a piece of furniture delivered to your house.  

We have designed an innovative three-layer wood gluing process. This makes it possible to obtain an excellent stability of the table tops and benefit from the features of oak. We do not combine planks lengthwise, thus our tabletops present consistent paintings of oak rings. We are finishing the wood using environmentally friendly oil waxes, which make it possible to refresh the tops regularly, and even to renovate the furniture in full. This way, MILONI's products may gain a new life on a regular basis.

The biggest strength of our company is the experience of the people who create it. Even the most sophisticated technologies and state-of-the-art machines will never replace the knowledge gathered for years of work with this beautiful, and, at the same time, difficult material, which is natural oak wood.

The best materials and innovative technologies in the hands of an experienced team are key in creating premium products. This is how MILONI's furniture are created.