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Wooden desks are furniture, which obviously had to be included in MILONI's offer. A single piece of furniture may determine the center point of a workplace or learning zone, and, at the same time, determine the character of the space. This piece of furniture is a desk, and the time wee spend at it keeps getting longer. An increasing emphasis on the comfort of both office work and teleworking requires engaging special spaces. The increasing popularity of the home office system makes the choice of the right desk model extremely important. It is good to choose a wooden desks, which is ergonomic, and, at the same time, beautiful and unique. It is worth keeping in mind that there are no two identical oak desks – each of them is unique, and experiencing the beauty of natural wood promotes work comfort.


Here at MILONI, we make customized desks to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. There are many ways to personalize this type of furniture. Usually, at our Customers' request, we modify the dimensions of desks and the shades of oil waxes.

We also make customized wooden desks according to the Client's design – provided that these are not copies of other manufacturers' desks.



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You have your own idea for a desk of your dreams? We can make it for you ! Describe your design and send us the drawings. Click the button below, in order to open the wizard.



When choosing wooden customized desks, several issues should be taken into consideration. The first one is the size of the desk, it is important for a customized desk to match the room well. A desk too large may dominate the space, and one too small may be uncomfortable in its everyday use. Therefore, at the designing stage, it is good to draw the desk's contour with chalk on the floor. This simple trick will definitely make it easier to choose the right dimensions of the furniture.

The desk's coloration is also very important in its specification. The customized desks manufactured at MILONI are made 100% of wood, the color and pattern of which is each time unique – just like the raw material they are made of. For this reason, a customized wooden desk shall be slightly different in its color from the floor, or any furniture made from panels laminated with synthetic veneer. At the Client's request, we make wood coloration samples. They help verify, which wood color matches the room, in which the customized desk will be standing, best.

We invite you to use our wizard for sending inquiries easily and quickly. We respond to each message, attaching the end-to-end offer of our capabilities of making desks accounting to specifications sent in advance. If you have any questions, feel free to contact MILONI's team, which knows everything about wooden customized desks.

It is also worth remembering that, apart from desks, we manufacture other customized furniture.