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[Translate to english:] Kolor 01 Off White MILONI
[Translate to english:] Kolor 02 Pure MILONI
[Translate to english:] Kolor 03 Natural MILONI
[Translate to english:] Kolor 04 Tobacco MILONI
[Translate to english:] Kolor 05 Cacao MILONI
[Translate to english:] Kolor 06 Nutty MILONI
Wybierz tapicerkę blendy:
[Translate to english:] Tapicerka 01 Sand MILONI
[Translate to english:] Tapicerka 02 Salt MILONI
[Translate to english:] Tapicerka 03 Gravel MILONI
[Translate to english:] Tapicerka 04 Ground MILONI
[Translate to english:] Tapicerka 05 Rose MILONI
[Translate to english:] Tapicerka 06 Summer MILONI
[Translate to english:] Tapicerka 07 Sky MILONI
[Translate to english:] Tapicerka 08 River MILONI
[Translate to english:] Tapicerka 09 Dove MILONI
[Translate to english:] Tapicerka 10 Shark MILONI
[Translate to english:] Tapicerka 11 Deep MILONI
[Translate to english:] Tapicerka 12 Dark MILONI
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Dimensions: Length: x Width: 80 x Height: 76 cm
Completion time: 8-9 weeks

Wysokość raty* 0.0 zł/m-c
*szacunkowa wysokość raty na 10 m-cy wg PayU

It raises higher - TUO raising desk

Projekt Tomek Rygalik

A designer, a lecturer, an administrator, and a PhD of arts. He studied architecture at the Technical University of Łódź. A graduate of the industrial design faculty at the Pratt Institute in New York. After graduating at the Royal College of Art in London in 2005, he became a scientific employee at the research-development team at RCA. In 2006, he founded Studio Rygalik. He runs a design workshop and has been the dean of the master's faculty at the Industrial Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He cooperates, among others, with Moroso, Noti, Comforty, Paged, Ghidini, Cappellini, Profim, Ideal Standard, Siemens, Heineken, or Ikea. Since 2010, he serves the function of the creative director for the top Polish brands. He implements several projects for cultural institutions, among others, The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, National Opera House, POLIN Museum, BOZAR, Zachęta, Fryderyk Chopin Museum, the National Museum, Polish Cultural Institutions. He was the architect of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council. Many of his projects are part of the permanent exhibition at the National Museum in Warsaw. In 2015, he founded the brand TRE Product, and since 2016 he has co-created the SOBOLE creative campus.

MILONI wood colours

Kolor 01 Off White MILONI
01 Off White
Kolor 02 Pure MILONI
02 Pure
Kolor 03 Natural MILONI
03 Natural
Kolor 04 Tobacco MILONI
04 Tobacco
Kolor 05 Cacao MILONI
05 Cacao
Kolor 06 Nutty MILONI
06 Nutty

MILONI's upholstery colors

01 Sand
Tapicerka 01 Sand MILONI
02 Salt
Tapicerka 02 Salt MILONI
03 Gravel
Tapicerka 03 Gravel MILONI
04 Ground
Tapicerka 04 Ground MILONI
05 Rose
Tapicerka 05 Rose MILONI
06 Summer
Tapicerka 06 Summer MILONI
07 Sky
Tapicerka 07 Sky MILONI
08 River
Tapicerka 08 River MILONI
09 Dove
Tapicerka 09 Dove MILONI
10 Shark
Tapicerka 10 Shark MILONI
11 Deep
Tapicerka 11 Deep MILONI
12 Dark
Tapicerka 12 Dark MILONI


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