Stoły skandynawskie

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The demand for Scandinavian-style tables is constantly high

The quintessence of Scandinavian pragmatism, which gave rise to the Scandinavian style, is to limit the number of furniture in the interior and focus on its usability. Supporters of this trend appreciate simplicity, ecological solutions and economy of forms. No wonder that Scandinavian-style interiors became so popular, also in Poland. The combination of practical values with comfort and unique charm works in all circumstances. The selection of natural materials, bright colours, simple shapes and functional solutions offer a good direction for all those, who furnish small apartments. Bright colours optically enlarge the interiors, so you get the impression that there is more light in them. Both light and wood have become the hallmarks of Scandinavian design, and one of the most suggestive images from interiors arranged by Scandinavians is that of the view of a wooden Scandinavian table with a lamp made of natural materials above it.

When you think Scandinavian table, you say wood

Wood, coming either in naturally bright, or additionally whitened colours, constitutes the crucial element of Scandinavian houses. It can be included in: flooring, furniture and all kinds of interior design elements or decorative items. Scandinavians attach great importance to the way the wood is finished. They prefer oiling, which allows the wood to retain its natural features, and renders the renovation of furniture and floors easier. Scandinavian-style wooden furniture is simple and functional, usually devoid of decorations. Solid, made of natural raw materials and kept in bright colors, the Scandinavian tables will be perfect for large dining rooms. They enable one to construct a spirit of minimalism in the interiors. Although the forms of some of the Scandinavian wooden tables appear to be heavier, they do not result in overwhelming impression, thanks to their natural tones. In addition, they look beautiful in combination with bright floors and walls.

Wooden Scandinavian tables according to MILONI

MILONI's offer includes several table models that will be a perfect match for Scandinavian-style interiors. Simple in form, based on massive or more subtle and expressive legs, wide, practical tops and invisible joints of elements perfectly fit the Scandinavian style. It is in vain to look for any ornaments in MILONI's Scandinavian tables. Decorations are unnecessary, as the beauty of the furniture is emphasized by the strongly exposed wood. The tabletops are entirely made of natural raw material, that is oak, and the legs are either wooden or metal. Like Scandinavians, the MILONI brand loves to bring out its beauty from wood, which is why it uses ecological oil-waxes to finish its tables. It makes the wood grain clearly visible, and the surface of each table top is properly protected and velvety to the touch. The Scandinavian-style table tops offered by MILONI are easy to maintain and can be renovated by yourself. Detailed instructions can be found in the Care tab and on our blog about wooden tables. This is what distinguishes the tables made of 100% wood from those made of other materials. On special request, we can depart from the technology in which we make a meticulous selection of wood and create a Scandinavian table in a more raw, slightly knotty version, emphasizing the natural irregularities of the boards.

The natural charm of Scandinavian tables

The Scandinavian tables from the MILONI range, which are available in bright colours, will best suit Scandinavian-style interiors. The Pure shade is an option well worth considering, as it most closely resembles the colour of raw wood, and even slightly brightens it. This makes it one of the most popular MILONI colours. Natural shades will also suit Scandinavian interiors, because the colour is only slightly darker, and Off White, which makes the wood lighter, giving it a colder tone. On individual order, wooden Scandinavian tables can be finished with oil-wax that does not form part of our standard catalogue.

Invest in a Scandinavian table

Scandinavian-style tables are unique products sought for by the most demanding customers. A well-designed, precisely made and naturally finished MILONI table is an investment for years. The choice must be deliberate and fully conscious. So if your are unable to find a Scandinavian wooden table you are looking for in this category, you can always write us, describing your dream piece of furniture in the Custom Tables tab, and we will be happy to create it for you.