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In search of ideals - the round table

While developers have recorded new sales records on the Polish market, for several years, smaller and smaller apartments have been built on the same market. Interestingly, single-family houses are shrinking at a faster pace than the apartments offered by real estate developers. Smaller interiors pose greater challenges to architects when arranging them. Round table is one of the solutions well proven in such cases.

Advantages of round tables

The circle is one of the perfect shapes - it can be freely rotated, it will not change its shape and it will always fit the space it occupied. Leonardo da Vinci drew attention to the perfect proportions when he drew the Vitruvian man. This is one of his most famous drawings, presenting a figure of a naked man in two superimposed positions, inscribed in a circle and a square.
It is no different in the world of interiors, where round tables are considered ideal furniture pieces. Their unquestionable advantage is our ability to maintain eye contact with each person sitting at a round table. Thanks to this, everyone faces each other and is separated by the same distance from the centre of the table top, so that not a single place is particularly privileged. That is why this piece of furniture is conducive to building relationships and creating a good atmosphere in the interior.

Freedom all around

From a purely practical point of view, modern round tables are the best choice for those, who have limited space and want to make the most of it. By adopting this line of reasoning, we can see that a round table can fit more chairs than tables with other shapes. This means that more people will sit at it than, for example, at a rectangular table with a similar surface area. Round tables will stand the test particularly in those kitchens or dining rooms that are designed on a square plan. They also allow for greater freedom in terms of the arrangement of the chairs - they can accommodate from 2 to 6 chairs and it will look good in any configuration. Anyone who has children will surely pay attention to the fact that round tables are devoid of sharp edges and therefore safer, especially for small children.

Modern round tables by MILONI

MILONI offers two wooden round tables - one is extendable and the other is not. OX is the non-extendable model, which can perform various functions in the interior and, interestingly, is often ordered in a non-standard height. Customers plan it for their interiors as slightly higher, auxiliary tables, or lower coffee tables. The largest OX round table has a diameter of 120 cm and can readily be used as a dining table. The round FOX extendable table with a diameter of 125 cm is our second proposal - a model perfect for the dining room. It can also be ordered in a non-extendable version.

The main role is played by a round wooden table

The form of OX gives it lightness. Its chestless top is milled on the bottom, and the wooden legs are round, which gives them a more subtle character. Additionally, they are finished with adjustable feet. When selecting this model, one keep in mind that the task of a round table, such as the OX, is not to dominate the space, but to accompany other furniture in the room.
Z kolei FOX, on the other hand, is a MILONI proposal, which is distinguished from the OX table not only by the additional letter F in its name, but above all by a very technologically advanced design. In this model, both the table top and the frame are round and made of glued laminated timber, while in most other wooden round tables on the market, the frames are made of plywood. The legs of the FOX model are equipped with felt pads. Up to ten people can comfortably sit at the table once it is extended. FOX is the best possible candidate for the role of the main character of a dining room or a living room, and no wonder, after all, extendable round tables are timeless pieces of furniture, and this MILONI proposal stands out on the market with its style and quality of workmanship.

First of all, a round table, and secondly, the chairs

The round wooden MILONI tables can be supplemented with chairs from the AVANGRADE series. These collections work well together for one very important reason, both the OX and FOX have their legs slightly angled towards the table top - just like the legs of the AVANGARDE chairs are angled towards the seat. Additionally, in the FOX model, the legs are tapered, which corresponds to the thinned legs of the chairs. Such combinations of furniture from various collections are abundant in our brand's proposals. You can see them in the latest MILONI catalogue.

There is only one ideal - a round table

On individual order, it is also possible to modify the height of the legs and the diameter of the table top - so that your MILONI round table becomes an absolutely perfect piece of furniture for you. If, nevertheless, it turns out that the extendable round tables are not what you are looking for, it is worth checking out other extendable tables from the MILONI offer.