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The strength of the oak is enchanted in an oak table

Oak - one of the most noble, and therefore the most valued, of all deciduous tree species in Europe - as befits a king, dominated interiors with a modern character. The longevity and impressive appearance of oaks have made a great impression on people watching them for centuries, and the shade of oak leaves has always been a cushion for souls. To this day, they are admired and willingly invited to the interior. Oak wood stands out with its beautiful and clear grain, it is also hard and abrasion-resistant, which makes it perfect for the manufacture of high-end furniture, such as modern oak tables. At the same time, it is also a raw material that proves difficult to process, so only real craftsmanship and years of experience, combined with modern technologies, allow for creation of a perfect oak table. This is how MILONI tables are made.

Modern oak table - 100% Polish oak

Modern MILONI oak tables are made of 100% selected European oak from Polish forests. Growing number of customers become convinced of its outstanding qualities, appreciating the beauty and lasting nature of Polish oak. We are fully responsible for our products, therefore, in order to guarantee the highest quality, we fully control the entire process of their creation - from sourcing of the raw material to shipping the completed furniture. This makes us sure that each and every Customer will receive a modern oak table that is perfect in every aspect thereof, and will serve for years to come.

The uniqueness and durability of an oak table

The great advantage of wooden furniture is its uniqueness. There are no two identical tables, as there are no two identical trees in a forest. Every oak table has a different grain and is therefore unique. When creating tops, we try to select wood with a similar grain, while also making sure that the top boards are not joined in length. All this to make the table top look beautiful as a whole, that is a uniform surface. MILONI tables are not only aesthetic, but also durable, because the use of the three-layer gluing technology with oak wood makes the structure of the top very stable./span>

The pleasure of using modern oak tables

We love to emphasize the natural beauty of wood, which is why we never paint the tops of modern MILONI oak tables with acrylic paint. We use only eco-friendly oil-waxes to finish the wood. Thanks to this, the oak grain is clearly visible, even with darker oil colours, and the surface of the table top is properly protected and velvety to the touch. The use of oil-waxes brings another important benefit - MILONI oak table tops are easy to maintain, which gives the users the option to renovate them on their own. This distinguishes the tables made of 100% wood from all those made of other materials. Life goes on at the table, the family meets, the most important conversations take place along with the most touching moments of life, which is why we want the use of MILONI tables to be a pleasure, and their care seamless. You can learn about the details by reading our blog about wooden tables, where we provide detailed information about the advantages of oiled wood, and we also demonstrate how to care for each modern oak table.

Modern oak tables - universal in every way

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the most natural floors in Europe are made of oak. Even synthetic floors, such as panels, often imitate the grain of oak wood. This is because everyone cares about coziness. Long gone are the times, when wood was associated almost exclusively with classic interiors, the fashion for oak floors and furniture begins to be noticeable in thoroughly modern and universal interiors. This is because oak is perfectly, when combined with cold colours, e.g. gray, warming the interior. Not only the warmth of natural oak, but also the minimalism of modern oak tables, bring elegance, beauty and longed-for coziness to apartments and houses.

Oak table specialists

MILONI's offer includes not only dining tables, but also kitchen tables and coffee tables made of oak wood. Our unique technology and innovative approach to manufacturing make all MILONI tables modern oak tables - even they remain classic in shape. Although we specialize in oak wood furniture, we can also make ash or American walnut tables on order. To order such a non-standard table, just proceed to the Custom-made wooden tables tab.