Modern wooden TV cabinets

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TV cabinets – the basis of your entertainment.

Modern TV cabinets are furniture which make it possible for users to use audio - video equipment comfortably. A classic element of the type is the central space, where a DVD player, a decoder, or a radio can be placed, and two drawers or two pairs of doors on the sides. Behind the doors, a lot of accessories, and a whole collection of records in the drawers may be stored.

A TV cabinet is increasingly more common in an open space connected to the dining room. In such a situation, it should not differ in its style too much from the table, or the dresser located nearby. For this reason, purchasing a TV cabinet together with other furniture from the same collection is worth considering.  

Wooden TV cabinets are the customized furniture most commonly chosen at MILONI. They happen to be modified the most, since modern TV cabinets must be adjusted to a specific piece of equipment. They should provide for an easy connection of loudspeakers located nearby, and, at the same time, for covering the sockets smartly. They also must have an appropriate height, to watch TV, or change records in the player comfortably. Additionally, it is good to match them to the length of a particular wall or cavity.

Wooden TV cabinets are made of Polish oak, the color of which can be chosen from MILONI's six basic color. It is worth, however, to make sure that the cabinet mixes well with other furniture in terms of the coloration. At an individual order, we can finish modern TV cabinets with an oil wax of a color not included in the standard offer.

Even if a Customer selects modern TV cabinets from MILONI's standard offer, we always discuss with them the location of the cables and necessary openings – both those in the back of the cabinets, and those which connect the side spaces with the central section. At the Client's request, we can also move the rear wall of the TV cabinet to the back, or make a partial rear wall, leaving the external sides in their full width. This way, a free space will be created between the interior of the TV cabinet and the wall. This space will easily accommodate any cable connections, but the cabinet may be pushed adjacent to the wall itself.  

Typically, wooden TV cabinets from the MILONI collection have slightly recessed legs, so that they can stand adjacent to the wall, even if it is finished with a floor-side strip.

The designer TV cabinets may also be suspended. This type of modern TV cabinets do not need legs. This solution requires, however, fitting on a wall, which is capable of supporting the weight of the furniture, and of the whole equipment.

If you like wooden TV cabinets from MILONI, you have to see also our coffee tables and dressers. And if there is no perfect cabinet for you in the standard MILONI offer, we still have good news – the furniture of your dreams may be made at MILONI as a customized TV cabinet.