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[Translate to english:] Kolor 01 Off White MILONI
[Translate to english:] Kolor 02 Pure MILONI
[Translate to english:] Kolor 03 Natural MILONI
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Dimensions: Length: x Width: 125 x Height: 76 cm
Intended use: Dla 4-6 osób
Completion time: 8-9 weeks

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Become a knight of the round table – FOX round extending table.

Projekt Magda Nowotnik

Designer, architect, and photographer. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Gdańsk University of Technology. At MILONI, she serves functions related to designing, building the brand and the company's image.
She supervises the concepts and the directions of MILONI's new projects and products. She is building the company's image on a daily basis through marketing actions and social media. Thus, she learns customers' needs in order to transfer them into new designs. Since the creation of a photographic studio in 2018, she is the chief photographer at MILONI, responsible for the brand's advertising materials. She actively cooperates with the best design bureaus and photographers in the country, which helps the MILONI company to present excellent photographs of their products in rooms of the highest class. The LOFT table, designed by Magda, won the first place in the Przestrzeń Jadalniana (Dining Space) category in the "Diament Meblarstwa 2016" competition, and became a finalist of the "Dobry Wzór 2016" competition in the House zone.

MILONI wood colours

Kolor 01 Off White MILONI
01 Off White
Kolor 02 Pure MILONI
02 Pure
Kolor 03 Natural MILONI
03 Natural
Kolor 04 Tobacco MILONI
04 Tobacco
Kolor 05 Cacao MILONI
05 Cacao
Kolor 06 Nutty MILONI
06 Nutty

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