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MILONI's offer includes four modern wooden dressers, each from a different collection. The BLOX dresser is a piece of furniture with a robust body, which is an excellent addition to a table and a TV cabinet from the BLOX series. FRAME has characteristic metal legs and represents state-of-the-art dressers. The FOX model can be distinguished with a vertical ring arrangement at the fronts, and it matches both the modern interiors, and the retro style interiors. OX is a subtle dresser of a light form with an asymmetric division at the fronts. All the MILONI dressers are made of oak wood.

The MILONI wooden dressers are modern dressers, and are distinguished by innovative technological solutions and excellent Polish design. All our wooden dressers are equipped with high quality fittings and hinges from BLUM. Typically, the drawers of the dressers employ the newest technology, namely the Tip-On handless opening system. Alternatively, we undermill the front sides for opening in the noiseless self-drawing guide system. At an individual order, we can also mount handles on drawers and doors, if required by the Customer.

Modern wooden dressers are furniture, which can be personalized. Depending on the specific model, and on the Customer's request, the wooden dressers may include cabinets, drawers, shelves, and open spaces – almost in any configuration. Modern wooden dressers may contain many various items. Before making the final decision on the form of the furniture piece, it is worth considering what will be stored in each of the portions. From our experience, we know that a cabinet placed under a drawer is not very comfortable to use (to reach it, one must bend or kneel). A better solution may be a drawer placed at the bottom of the dresser.