Chair – when you need a support and a solid backrest. 

We recommend the MILONI oak chairs particularly to those, who have already chosen their MILONI table, and now they want to match modern chairs to it. When you choose such a set from MILONI, you may be sure that the furniture will match each other in terms of their style, manufacturing quality, and also wood shades.

Although we make modern chairs, we do it using traditional carpentry methods. Our chairs are fully made from oak wood and their particular elements are joined by means of tenons and keys. The cross-sections of the structural elements have been designed so that even the most designer style chairs could withstand standard loads.

The bent backrest of each MILONI chair is glued in a press from several layers of wood. We use special templates, to obtain the correct profiling and shape of the backrest. We do not cut through wood rings, since we want to preserve the natural, beautiful pattern of oak. The bent planks of the backrest are durable, and their aesthetics has a huge impact on the visual experience of the chair.

The MILONI chairs are modern chairs. They are characterized by a simple and uncomplicated form. Although there are few MILONI chair models, they match many different tables. The modern oak chairs from MILONI could be freely arranged and combined with the tables of our production – for example the AVANGARDE chairs mix well both with the dining table from the same series, and with the one from the FOX, or the BLOX collection.

Our modern wooden chairs are finished with care for details. All the legs of the chairs, regardless of the model, have felt padding. This way, the chairs do not scratch floors, even when frequently moved.

The MILONI chairs can be ordered with upholstered or hard seats. A hard seat is made of oak wood and oiled – just like the other elements of the chair. And the upholstered seats are available in one of 6 natural cowhide colors or in one of 12 colors of the upholstery fabric with the Easy Clean function.  

When it comes to the customized chairs, the upholstery material may be supplied or specified by the Client. There are also other available upholstery forms. For the details, it is best to contact MILONI's team – by phone, or using the contact form.

At MILONI, you can also order unusual modern chairs, designer chairs higher or lower than the standard ones, and even bar chairs, namely bar stools.

See also MILONI tables, and see our furniture collections. With them, your chairs will be in a respectable company!